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Thank you for using Anygram.

Anygram provide a social network service that can allow you to exchange culture and language with friends from all over the World no matter where you are and which language you speak.

Anygram devised these comprehensive terms of service (the “Terms of Service”) to provide you with more accessible and user-friendly services. The Terms of Service will help you with your use of the Services, so please do take time to read the Terms of Service carefully.

Anygram Service

Anygram offers many kinds of the Services that you can enjoy on the Internet or through your mobile devices, such as social networking service, and online contents service.
You may use the Services by downloading a Anygram software application from your smartphone application store or by installing the Anygram program on your personal computer.
Anygram aims to provide all kinds of social networking service to our users, so we have provided service regulation in detail.

Anygram hereby grants you a personal, worldwide, non-assignable, non-exclusive and royalty-free license necessary for your use of the Services. However, please be reminded that Anygram does not grant you a right to use the Anygram trademark or logo.

In order to improve the level of the Services, Anygram may update the software required for use of the Services. Anygram may add or remove Service functionalities through such software updates. Please update your software regularly, so that you can enjoy the Services to the fullest extent possible.

In order to provide you with a better service, Anygram may send you various notifications, messages and other advertising materials and information related to your use of the Services by indicating them in the Services or by directly sending an email to your email account. If you encounter any errors in the Services system while using the Services, please contact the Anygram Customer Center.
Please do not hesitate to contact with Anygram team if you experience any problems while using Anygram service.

Anygram account

Your Anygram account is a log-in account created based on your email address and password of your choice, which is needed for you to be able to use the Services.

You may need a Anygram account to use the Services; and, for some of the Services, a Anygram account is absolutely necessary.
To begin the Anygram account creation process, you must consent to the Terms of Service, provide your email address, and register your password. Then, Anygram will go through the approval process after verifying your email address or telephone number, as may be needed.

Anygram may not approve of your account creation, if (i) Anygram has deleted your Anygram account in the past, (ii) you have attempted to create a Anygram account using a third party’s name, email address or other personal information, or (iii) you fail to provide the required information or provide false information during the Anygram account creation process. Especially, if you are under 14 years of age, your parent or legal guardian’s consent must be obtained to create your Anygram account. If it is found that you have created your Anygram account in breach of the foregoing terms and conditions, Anygram may suspend your use of the Services or delete your Anygram account immediately.

Your Anygram account is personal to you and non-transferable, and you may not permit any third party to use your Anygram account. You are responsible for safeguarding the password that you use to access the Services to prevent any improper use of your Anygram account without your consent. If you become aware that your Anygram account is being used by a third party without your consent, please contact the Anygram Customer Center and Anygram will provide you with the guidance to protect your Anygram account.
You may review and change your information using the setting menu in the Services; provided, however, that your Anygram account, telephone number, device identification number and other information required for the provision and management of the Services may not be changed. If there have been any changes in the information you have provided after the time of your joining the Services, please reflect such changes directly to the Services or notify Anygram of such changes through the Anygram Customer Center by email.

Please pay particular attention to the following.

You may freely use the Services, and it is our pleasure to help you build a bridge to a wider world through the use of the Services. In this regard, please do not forget that you may not use the Services in any wrongful manner on purpose.

For example, you may not interfere with the provision of the Services or access the Services using a method other than the one provided and approved by Anygram. Furthermore, you may not collect, use or provide to others the information of other Service users, use the Services for any profit-generating activity, transmit any information that is pornographic, infringe on any third party’s copyright or otherwise violate public order, laws or good morals.

You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell, transfer, lease, provide as security or permit others to use any part of the Services or software included in the Services without Anygram’s consent. In addition, you may not reverse engineer, attempt to extract the software source code included in the Services or copy, disassemble, reproduce or otherwise modify the Services. If you fail to comply with the applicable laws, the Terms of Service and/or other policies of Anygram, Anygram may conduct an investigation into the matter or suspend your use of the Services either temporarily or permanently. Please refer to the Use Restriction Policy for more information on your use of the Services.

Personal information protection

Safe handling of your personal information is very important to us. Anygram will use your personal information only within the purpose and scope for which your consent is given to us to ensure seamless provision of the Services. Unless otherwise required by the relevant laws and regulations or consented by you, Anygram will never disclose your personal information to a third party. Please refer to the Anygram Privacy Policy for information on the efforts made by Anygram to protect your personal information.


Anygram respects your intellectual property rights. You may provide content such as photos, text, information, comments or proposals, by posting them on the Services, and you retain all intellectual property rights in and to such content. Anygram believes that your content has useful information and that it is very important to ensure that such content is accessed by lawful process and means. If you post any content on the Services, you will be deemed to have granted to Anygram and its partners a worldwide and permanent license to use, store, copy, modify, transmit, disclose, demonstrate or display in public, distribute, create any derivative works from or permit other users to use such content. This license will survive even after you cease to use the Services or deactivate your Anygram account. For the avoidance of doubt, the rights granted to Anygram and its partners under such license will be used only for the purposes of the operation, improvement and promotion of the Services and the development of new Anygram services. You should have acquired all legal rights necessary for you to be able to grant a license to Anygram to use the content you provided to Anygram, and you may not disclose or post any content that is pornographic or violates public order, laws or good morals. If Anygram determines that the content you have provided violates relevant laws or Anygram’s policies, Anygram may delete or refuse to post such content; provided, however, that, Anygram is not obliged to review all of your content. If you believe that your right has been infringed, you may get help from the Posting Suspension Request Service Center for the relevant Service. The Services may include content that is not owned by Anygram. In such case, the individual who has provided such content will solely be liable for such content. Your use of the Services does not grant you any right to the content provided by other users. To use other users content made available through the Services, you must separately obtain the permission from the owner thereof.

The Services may be suspended occasionally.

Anygram strives to provide the Services 24 hours a day for 365 days a year without interruption. However, as a result of a regular or temporary inspection of the equipment for maintenance or repair or due to other unavoidable causes, the Services could temporarily be suspended; and, in such case, a prior notice will be given to you through the relevant Service. If the Services are suspended due to causes not foreseen by Anygram, Anygram will notify you thereof immediately after Anygram finds out the causes for the relevant Service suspension.

You may elect to deactivate your account.

If you do not want to use the Service any more, you may, at any time, request for the termination of the Terms of Service by using the menu provided in the Services, and in such case, Anygram will terminate the Terms of Service in a swift manner as required under the relevant laws and regulations.

Upon the termination of the Terms of Service, unless it is required to preserve your information under the relevant laws and/or the Anygram Privacy Policy, your information and any and all data provided by you, such as postings prepared by you, etc., will be deleted; provided, however, that, if your posting is scraped by a third party or posted using other sharing function or if you have added comments to a third partys posting, such posting or comment may not be deleted to the extent necessary to provide the Services to other remaining users in a normal manner. Furthermore, you may elect to terminate only certain portions of the Services; and in such case, only the data related to the terminated Services will be deleted, and your Anygram account will not be deleted for your use of the remaining Services.

Warranty Disclaimer

In providing the Services, Anygram exercises reasonable precaution to help you enjoy the Services to their fullest extent possible. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Anygram expressly disclaims any and all promises or warranties of any kind regarding matters not set forth in the Terms of Service. For example, Anygram disclaims all promises or warranties relating to the particular function or availability of content or service included in the Services, and the Services are provided on an “AS IS” basis. Anygram wishes that you benefit from your use of the Services, and if Anygram negligently caused any damage to you, Anygram will compensate for such damage in accordance with the applicable law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Anygram will not be held liable for any (i) personal injury resulting from your access to or use of the Services, (ii) damage resulting from unauthorized access to or use of the Anygram servers by a third party, (iii) damage resulting from any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from the Services caused by a third party, (iv) damage resulting from transmission of bugs, viruses, Trojan horses or the like by any third party, (v) damage resulting from the omission or destruction of data transmitted, or (vi) damage incurred by you during the course of the use of the Services by any third party, including, but not limited to, defamatory injury. Moreover, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Anygram will not be held liable for any indirect, punitive, special, consequential or exemplary damages.

The Terms of Service are subject to change.

Anygram may revise the Terms of Service, the instructions for use of the Anygram service relating to each Service Q&A Center, the applicable guidelines and notifications to, for example, reflect changes to the applicable law or changes to the Services. Upon the revision of the Terms of Service Anygram will post a notification thereof on the start-up page of the individual Service, and the revised Terms of Service will become effective 15 days after the posting of such notification. However, if the revised Terms of Service may have adverse effects on you, Anygram will give you a 30 day prior notice thereof by sending you an email to the email address used as your Anygram account or via a Anygram Talk message or an alarm message. Anygram will accept your comments on the revised Terms of Service for a period from the date of the posting of the notice such proposed revision until the effective date of the revised Terms of Services. Your failure to give us your comments within the foregoing period will be deemed as your consent to the revised Terms of Service. Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that if you do not consent to the revised Terms of Service, Anygram will be unable to provide the Services to you.

Contact Information

Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. You may, at any time, visit the Anygram Customer Center and leave your comments and suggestions. Anygram will send you various news and announcements by sending an email to the email address used as your Anygram account or by sending an electronic message, and announcements applicable to all users of the Services will become effective after being posted on the Service start-up page or the Service bulletin board for at least 7 days. The Terms of Service apply to the relationship between Anygram and you only, and no third party will be entitled to any benefits under the Terms of Service. If you fail to comply with the Terms of Service, and Anygram does not take any action against thereto right away, it does not mean that Anygram waives its right and if any provision of the Terms of Service becomes unenforceable, such unenforceable provision will have no effect on the remaining provisions of the Terms of Service. The Terms of Service and the Services are governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea. Date of announcement : June 18, 2014 Date of implementation :July 18, 2014 If you have any questions regarding the Services (including the location-based service), please visit or contact the Anygram Customer Center (Address: 503, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Link : http://www.Anygram.net )


Keeping your personal information safe is one of our top priorities.

Anygram will use your personal information only for the purpose and within the scope to which you consent with the goal of providing Anygram services in a seamless manner.

You may rest assured that Anygram will never disclose your personal information to a third party unless otherwise required by the relevant laws and regulations or consented by you.

Purpose of using your personal information

Anygram will collect your personal information as necessary to provide the Services in a seamless manner and to improve your user experience.

In order to provide the basic features and other specialized functionalities of the Services pursuant to the Terms of Service for which your consent is given, it may be necessary for Anygram to verify your identity information, age, account, contact information and device information.

Your personal information may be used to search, register or notify other Service users who are in your contact list or who may be your Anygram friends. Furthermore, your personal information may also be used to give any individual notifications, deal with any inquiries or disputes arising in connection with your use of the Services, send content for paid services, or process shipping and payment.

In addition, your personal information may be used to perform statistical analysis for new customized services, provide event and advertising information, comply with obligations required under applicable laws and regulations, and prevent any improper use of your personal information that may cause harm to you in violation of law or the Terms of Service.

Anygram will collect the following information to make our services better.

When you sign up for the Services or in the course of your use of the Services, Anygram will collect your telephone number, contact information saved on your smartphone or other device (telephone numbers and names of third parties),your status information, name, birth date, ID, photos (including meta-information).

Anygram will also collect your hardware information, IP address and cookies through the official website of Anygram, individual applications or programs.

In addition to the above information, Anygram may collect your credit card information when you use paid services. Given the nature of the Services, the personal information we collect may differ depending on the application or program. Before you get started with an application or program, Anygram will inform you of the personal information we collect to which you must consent in order to use the Service.

Anygram will never disclose your personal information to a third party unless consented by you or otherwise required by law.

Anygram will use your personal information only for the purposes set forth above and will not disclose to or share your personal information with any third party unless consented by you in the course of your use of the Services or otherwise required by law.

For any Services that are linked to a third-party service, Anygram may provide your personal information to such third party with your consent within the scope necessary for your use of the Services.

Abandon personal information

After fulfilling the purpose of collection and use of your personal information to which you have consented, your personal information will be placed in a separate database (or a filing cabinet in case of paper records) and retained for a certain period of time stipulated under the applicable laws and regulations before being discarded. Paper records will be either shredded or incinerated, and electronic records will be discarded in an irreversible manner using technical methods.

However, records pertaining to improper use of the Services will be retained for a period of one year before being discarded in the manners as set forth above in accordance with Anygram’s internal policies to prevent any disputes arising from improper use of the Services.

Anygram will protect your rights.

You (or your legal guardian if you are under 14 years of age) may review or change your personal information at any time, and you may also request to withdraw your consent to Anygram’s collection and use of your personal information or to unregister from the Services.

To be more specific, you may change your personal information by changing the relevant settings within the Services or unregister from the Services (or withdraw your consent) by simply clicking on “Unregister” in the Settings menu.

You are also free to contact our personal information manager in writing, by phone or by email through our Customer Service Center for immediate action.

Anygram may use cookies to provide the Services on personal computers.

In order to provide you with customized Services, Anygram uses cookies, which are saved on your personal computer (“PC”) and retrieved whenever required for any PC-based Services.

Cookies are small text files of information sent to your browser by the website operating server, which are then stored on the hard drive of your PC. When you visit a website, cookies are accessed by the server to ensure that your preferences are maintained, which helps you be more efficient.

Moreover, cookies tell us how often your visit the website, how you use the website and what information interests you. In this way, we can provide the Services optimized for your needs. You can enable or disable cookies. You may configure your browser to accept all cookies, get a prompt before accepting cookies, or disable all cookies. Please bear in mind that you will not be able to access some of the Services requiring a login process if you disable cookies.

Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be notified separately.

Anygram may amend this Privacy Policy to, for example, reflect changes to the Services or applicable law. We will post a notice about any Privacy Policy changes, and the updated Privacy Policy will become effective 7 days from the day on which the notice is posted. However, if changes to our Privacy Policy materially affect your rights due to unavoidable reasons, we will give you a 30-day prior notice.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions regarding the protection of personal information, please contact our Anygram team. We will use our best efforts to provide you with a timely and satisfactory response.

  • Date of Announcement: June 18, 2014
  • Date of Implementation: June 25, 2014

Things you need to pay attention for online meeting.

It is important to be polite when you talk with other people online.

Please do not share your password with other users.

Please report to us if you think your profile information was hacked.

Please be careful when you tell your new friends about your personal information.

Please do not share your personal bank card information with other users.

Please be careful if someone talk to you saying that he is our Anygram employee.

Our Anygram employee will only communicate with users through email.

Please report to us if you found someone who act inappropriately.

Users can cancel the friendship with those users who talk inappropriately anytime.

Please ignore the user who talk impolite with you, and you can cancel the friendship anytime.

Please report to us when you need help with cancellation of friendship, and we will help you solve it as fast as possible.

You can find safety guide on the following website.(http://www.getsafeonline.org/)

Things you need to pay attention for offline meeting.

Please be careful when you want to meet your net friend that you only know through online.

Please contact the net friend who you want to meet with offline in advance.

Please inform your other friends about the place that you will meet your net friend, and send a message or make a phone call to your friend during the meeting.

If it is possible, please go to the meeting place alone.

Please don’t bring the person who you will meet for the first time to your home.

Please do not tell other persons your home address before you get to know them well.

Please prepare any excuse for leaving if you feel uncomfortable with the online friends during the meeting.

Please choose a public place for the first meeting if you will meet your net friends at a late time.

Please do not drink alcohol when you meet your net friend.

Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times.

  1. 1. How to earn Points ?

    Even without using IAP(In-App Purchase), it’s possible for you to earn points. We have developed many ways to make users collect points.

    If you do not have enough points, please refer to the followings.

  • When you make corrections in Language Exchange section

  • Share your post on Facebook at the same time that you make posts on Anygram.

  • When you receive recommendation for the tips you posted

  • When your profile photo or story photo saved by the others

  • When you invite your friends

  • By marking Anygram Google Play page as good with a +1 (Only once)

  • When you evaluate or review others’ posts (Only once)

  • When you “Like” Anygram page on Facebook (Only once)

  • When you download and install Anygram Application

  1. 2. How to use Language Exchange ?

    Language exchange is the service that can provide you the opportunity to learn other language from native speakers and make each other to improve language skills.

  1. 1) Penpal

You can search for the users who speak the language you intend to learn and add them as Penpal to chat.

There is nothing to be shy, just add a Penpal friend and you can talk with the native speaker through 1:1 chat.

You can communicate with your friends in any language easily by using translator.

  1. 2) Practice

You can receive free correction service after you post a sentence in the language that you intend to learn.

When you upload a sentence if the paragraph is too long, then points will be needed for correction(more than 500 characters).

You can receive correction service for 3 sentences.

If you want to get your posts to be corrected quickly, then you can post a notice that you will provide reward point to the user who will corrects your posts firstly.

You can receive points if you post article and log in Facebook simultaneously.

You can also improve, even though you don’t post article, just by reading articles posted by other users.

  1. 3) Correction

You can receive points if you make correction on other users’ article.

Only one correction is available for one post.

After you complete the correction for 3 posts, it is possible to make extra correction. However, extra points will not be provided.

We provide the evaluation system to ensure the accuracy of the correction for each posts.

There will be punishment for those that do incorrect correction posts.

  1. 4) Note

You can view all the posts that you collected for language learning.

  1. 3. Translator

    Anygram translator can provide more than 80 language translation service.

    Recently, API translator is non-free system. You can use Anygram translator free of charge as long as you have some points.

    Anygram will provide free points for users so that everyone can use our service freely.

    API is trying to change their service to be free of charge.Anygram is currently working on improving our translation system.

  1. 4. Meet People

Anygram users can search for friends and meet each other freely.

Users can search for friends only based on Nationality and native language without need to select age and gender.

Users can follow the person who they want to chat with and view his or her detailed personal information.

Users can change setting on “My Page” if he or she receives too many notifications.

Anygram aims to provide a healthy service. Please understand if there is any inconvenience.

If we found any unhealthy contents in your posts or reported by other users, your account will be canceled.

In order to build healthy culture , we will implement strict laws.

  1. 5. Story

    Users can share story in any language. Click”Translation”, then the shared story will be translated.

    Copyright for all users’ story is strictly implemented.

    If infringement of copyright action is found, your account will be canceled.

  1. 6. Anygram account

    Users can user personal email address as their accounts for Anygram.

    It would be more convenient if users have Facebook or Google+ account.

    Anygram is a reliable mobile application.

    Disobeyed action will be strictly restricted.

Repeat such disobeyed action will result in cancellation in disconnecting our service with your cellphone

Anygram team is a global team that aims to build global service model.

We have devoted to working on our image of Global service

Global service is the service that consist of many users all over the world, such as Facebook and Twitter.

We are aware of the significance of human network. However, there are some limitations that exist in current social network service. Therefore, we aim to develop a global service that can provide the opportunity that people from all over the world can meet and exchange language and culture freely without any constraints, which would differentiate us from the other social network service.

Therefore, Anygram has established Translator which can provide language exchange service so that all the users can learn language freely.

Anygram devoted to developing the service that does not have constraints so that all the users from all over the world can communicate with each other freely.

We are welcoming all the people from all over the world to try our service.